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2 min readDec 17, 2021


SpyWolf Partnership, Bot Upgrades and More Languages

In our continued efforts to expand cooperation within the security subsector of the Binance SmartChain, EagleEye proudly announces our upcoming partnership with SpyWolf. SpyWolf is a leading provider of active investigation and auditing of new projects within the BSC ecosystem. EagleEye will be assisting in upcoming audits — further bolstering the safety of those that choose to invest in BEP-20 tokens.

SpyWolf’s website can be found at https://spywolf.co/token/

As mentioned in a previous update, we will also be partnering with the wonderful folks at BurningMoon to further expand our sphere of influence and bring a greater number of users into the EagleEye ecosystem. We hope that everyone currently involved in our community takes a look at BurningMoon! Please remember to attend our AMA on the BurningMoon Telegram this Saturday, December 18th at 9pm UTC.

As we seek to enhance and streamline our Telegram Analyzer Bot, some new upgrades to the system were rolled out in recent days. This includes an updated post-script banner that directs users to us in the event that they see the bot in use at a third-party location.

Finally, we are working towards increased availability of the EagleEye suite in a variety of languages — including Brazilian, Hindi, Arabic and Chinese. Stay tuned for other updates in this regard. As always, our team will continue to provide further information on a regular basis at our Telegram and through our regular video/voice chats.

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